Love Is Project Love Signs Bracelet

Love Is Project Love Signs Bracelet

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Cancer | Timeless White and Silver: A clean and neutral slate allows Cancers to connect with pure intuition. Cancers bring sensitivity and calm to the world — a powerful and necessary energy that everyone craves. 


Bali is the mecca of artisanal craftsmanship and design, and the Love Is Project just expanded their artisan group to encompass villages in Java. 

Your purchase helps provide jobs for over 400 artisans in Bali and Java. This income supports their children, school fees, transportation and food. Profits also fund a recycling program, mask making program, and agricultural and other programs.

  • Jobs have been provided for more than 400 artisans
  • Donations have funded projects at Green School Bali, Kopernick, Bali Children's Hope Foundation